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Human ashes in gelatin capsule, vibrating motors, kneeling cushion, acupuncture and other needles, wax, bandage, iodine, ink, hair, found objects, electrical wiring and switch, magnifying lens


Size: 7’ x 14’ x 2’

Photography by Alex O’Neill

The viewer kneels on the orange pillow and presses a battery-powered red button. The words ‘about that’ are written in iodine on a cotton bandage filled with wax and plastic. Acupuncture needles are connected to vibrating motors by thin brass wires, and one is attached to a glycerin capsule containing human ashes.

When the vibrating motors are activated, the acupuncture needles move so quickly that one can only see the tracks of where they have been, rather than where they are. The human ashes tumble, much like laundry in a dryer. Larger bone particles are slowly subsumed by very fine powder. At first they rest on the top of the powder, but then circulate downward into it and eventually emerge to repeat the cycle.



"About That: Vespers"
- a movie
© Malena Bergmann 2009