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EKG (print out of a woman’s last hour of life), latex tubing, steel, wheelchair parts, magnifying lens, light, motors, electricity, computer (basic stamp microcontroller, sensor circuit, motor controller)

2007 to present

Size: 7’ x 14’ x 2’

Technical assistance by Brandon Boan, Kit Kube, Glen Spencer, Mike Wirth

A motor-driven EKG strip continuously winds and unwinds as it passes behind a lighted magnifying lens. The viewer can follow the heartbeat as it moves to a flat line and back again. A motor drives bicycle chains that rotate a series of sprockets. A cam-like system stretches and releases latex tubes. Their motion is transmitted to adjacent tubes and they all begin to jiggle. The motorized component jerks, groans, and clanks loudly.

"Final Hour;Compline"
- a movie
© Malena Bergmann 2009